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Meatball Eating Contest 2-4pm at Oregano Saturday September 19th Proceeds Benefit NEF


Meatball eating contest will be for Saturday September 19th from 2pm 3:45pm in front of oregano pizzeria and ristorante on pleasant street all proceeds benefiting the NEF it will be a timed event fastest time to eat 5 meatballs equaling 1 ½ pounds will win a super meatball  t-shirt and get the Pasta and Meatballs named after them there will be referees and people can come at any time to sign up and try to eat the fastest the winner will be announced at 4pm tickets will be 10$ for adults (donated to Newburyport Education Foundation) and kids under 12 who want to enter will be 5$ with 2 meatballs also donated to the nef we can do up to 100 entries and the event just needs to be posted not ticketed…Meatball Pasta


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